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16 Examples of Filial Piety

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Filial piety is a set of family values associated with Confucianism. These are considered a foundational set of cultural values that have strongly influenced multiple national cultures since the 5th century BC or earlier. The following are common elements of filial piety.
Obeying parents and respecting their wishes.
Being good to parents and caring for them.
Making sacrifices for your family.
Engaging in good conduct in the community.
Maintaining the honor and reputation of your family and ancestors.
To have compassion, love and support for family.
Demonstrating politeness and courtesy.
Producing male heirs.
Fraternity between brothers.
Advising and protecting parents.
Expressing gratitude to parents.
Putting family before yourself.
Duty to family and overcoming obstacles to achieve this duty.
Showing concern for parents in sickness.
Grieving for parents and holding a funeral for them.
Ancestral worship and respect.
The values above were derived from the The Twenty-four Paragons of Filial Piety, a classic Confucian text written during the Yuan dynasty of 1260–1368.
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