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13 Types of Wealth

Wealth is a store of value. In other words, wealth is something that you can enjoy in the future or that can be used to pay future expenses. Wealth is commonly owned by a nation, community, individual or family according to established property rights. Some wealth, such as common goods is not owned by anyone. The following are common types of wealth.


Infrastructure, facilities, vehicles and equipment that produce value such as a bridge, data center, high speed train or factory.

Natural Capital

Natural capital such as an ocean or forest.


The legal tender of a nation typically backed its ability to collect taxes.


A basic good that can be sold at market. Precious commodities such as gold and silver are a common way to store wealth.


Organizations such as a government, non-profit or business that provide services that have value.


A tradable financial asset such as a stock that represents a share in a business.

Real Estate

Property and structures such as buildings.

Tangible Assets

Any physical thing that has value to a business or individual such as the inventory of a manufacturing firm or the clothing in an individual's closet.

Intangible Assets

Assets that can't be touched such as software, data and brand equity.

Intellectual Property

Valuable inventions, symbols or creative works such as a trade secret, copyright, patent or trademark.

Human Capital

The ability of a person to produce future value. For example, talent, education and cultural capital can be viewed as a form of wealth.

Social Capital

Social relationships that can generate future value such as a business with many loyal customers.


Cultural elements such as a well-known traditional festival that generates tourism for a city or a priceless work of art.
Overview: Wealth
Definition (1)
A store of value.
Definition (2)
A good or right that serves a future need or that can be used to pay future expenses.
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