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34 Roles Of Friendship

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Friendship is a relationship of mutual respect and companionship. This includes everything from casual friends who are friendly to each other when they happen to meet to lifelong friends who sustain supportive and loyal relationships for many decades. Friendship is an important type of social relationship because it is based on the initiative, needs and social skills of the individual. In other words, where relationships such as family and community are often related to your situation, you choose your friends. The following are common roles of friendship.
Challenging each other
Conflict resolution practice
Decision support
Developing social skills
Economic connections
Emotional support
Healthy competitiveness
Identity formation
Mental activity
Moral influence
Motivation and encouragement
Non-judgmental communication
Personal growth
Personal resilience
Physical activity such as sports
Problem solving support
Quality of life
Sense of belonging
Sense of connectedness
Sense that others like you
Sense that others understand you
Shared experiences
Shared identity
Shared interests
Social influence
Social capital
Social connections
Social status
Social support
Source of information
It is common for individuals to have different types of friends that each play different roles. For example, a friend who likes to travel who is a reliable travel partner but doesn't offer much emotional support.


Friends can play a role in developing your identity, social skills, confidence and sense of connectedness to others. They can help solve problems, make decisions and form values. Friends can also play a potent social and economic role by connecting you to opportunities and their social connections.
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