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Community Social Life

64 Examples of Community Social Life

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Community social life are social interactions, shared experiences and social relationships that occur in a community such as a city, town or neighborhood. These are local social interactions that include unstructured communication between neighbors and structured activities organized by local groups and institutions. Community social life is viewed as an important element of social support and connectedness whereby it benefits people to know others in the place they live. The following are common examples of community social life.
Afterschool Programs
Art Exhibitions
Arts & Crafts Classes
Basketball Courts
Block Parties
Book Clubs
Cafe Life
Chess in the Park
Community BBQs
Community Choir
Community Concerts
Community Gardens
Community Outreach
Community Theater
Contests & Competitions
Craft Fairs
Cultural Festivals
Dance Classes
Dance Festivals
Dog Parks
Election Volunteering
Environmental Action
Farmers Markets
Food Drives
Food Festivals
Fundraising Events
Garage Sales
Helping Neighbors
Hobby Clubs
Holiday Markets
Holiday Parades
Language Exchange Groups
Local Awards & Recognition
Local Business Events
Local Entrepreneurship
Local Networking Events
Local Volunteering
Meetup Groups
Music Classes
Neighborhood Improvement Projects
Neighborhood Sports & Games
Outdoor Movie Nights
Parent-Teacher Associations
Photo Walks
Political Participation
Potluck Dinners
Recreation Clubs
Religious Festivals
Reuse Cafes
School Life
Senior Center Events
Sports Teams
Supporting Local Musicians
Talking to Neighbors
Town Hall Meetings
Toy Drives
Worship Services
Yoga in the Park
Youth Groups
Community social life includes local youth culture such as the environment of basketball courts or a skatepark.


Community social life includes any social interaction between people who live in the same area. Some communities support a great deal of these interactions whereby people get to know each other. It is also common for communities to be mostly isolated with limited interaction with people on the same street, neighborhood or area. The following is a basic overview of community social life with additional examples.
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