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26 Examples of Friendship

 , updated on January 12, 2024
Friendship is a relationship of mutual trust and companionship between two people. These relationships are chosen and earned such that people can find friends and sustain friendships with initiative and social skills. This can be contrasted with relationships such as family, neighbors, classmates or coworkers that you don't always get to choose. As such, friends play an important role whereby people seek out the friends they feel they need in life. The following are common types of friendships.
Activity partners
Best friends
Casual friends
Childhood friends
Common interest friends
Fair-weather friends
Family friends
Friends of friends
Friendships of convenience
Language exchange partners
Location-based friends
Neighborhood friends
Old friends
Online friends
Romantic relationships
School friends
Study friends
Travel companions
Undermining friend
Work friends
A fair-weather friend is an individual who is friendly as long as you align to their goals but isn't actually interested in being supportive or loyal. For example, a friend who likes you because you appear to be popular at school who will discontinue the friendship should you suddenly become unpopular.
An undermining friend is a individual who pretends to be your friend as a means to undermine you. For example, a friend who seeks information about you and then uses this to create gossip about you.

Role of Friendship

Friendship is an overwhelming positive type of relationship that can provide significant value to all sides of the friendship. The following are common characteristics of positive friendship.


A friend doesn't need to be all the things above to be positive. For example, you may have an activity friend such as a friend with whom you play tennis. This may provide you with companionship and a means to pursue your shared interest without being emotionally supportive, committed or loyal.
It is common for friendships to fade out or to suddenly break down.
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