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44 Benefits of Networking

Networking is the process of meeting people and building relationships. This includes personal and professional networking whereby you build relationships as part of your personal life, career or work. The benefits of networking come with time and may materialize in unexpected ways whereby acquaintances, school peers, teachers, coworkers, employers, partners, customers, stakeholders, neighbors, family members, friends and romantic partners add richness to your life and help you in various ways to thrive. Merely being friendly and open to people you happen to meet tends to pay dividends over time. The following are illustrative examples of the potential benefits of networking.
Job / Personal References
Consulting People You Know to Solve a Problem
Social Fulfillment
Access to Job Opportunities
Job Referrals
Visibility at Work
Closing Sales
Finding New Customers
Finding Partners
Clearing Issues
Learning / Mastering a Language
Promotions at Work with Increased Visibility
Increased Choices in Career
Ability to Change Careers By Leveraging People You Know
Recognition at Work
Rewards at Work
Pay Raises with Increased Visibility
Performance Compensation
Recognition in Your Profession / Industry
Recognition in Your Community
Establishing Ties To High Status Institutions
Cultural Capital
Relational Capital
Finding a Life Partner
Founding a Family
Leveraging Relationships to Solve Problems for Family
Cultivating a Shared Sense of Identity and Purpose
Access to Expert Advice
Access to Information (e.g. learning about office politics at a firm before taking job)
Access to Capital / Funding
Peaceful Coexistence With Neighbors
Political Capital
Influencing Strategy and Decisions
Promoting a Business
Developing Social Skills
Developing Personal Presence
Public Speaking Opportunities
Shared Experiences
Social Status (e.g. popularity, fame or visibility)
Helping Others / Doing Good
Wellness (e.g. from social connectedness and engagement)
Cultural Experiences
Epic Experiences / Peak Experiences
Developing Cultural Competence
Developing Personal Resilience (i.e. dealing with people can be challenging)
Developing Political Capacities (e.g. ability to debate or influence)
Benefiting from Reciprocity (e.g. people who end up returning kindnesses you have paid them)


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