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40 Examples of Digital Social Life

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Digital social life are social interactions and social relationships that are cultivated, developed or sustained online using digital tools. This includes digital interactions with people you know in real life such as family and friends. Digital social life can also involve real world institutions such as your school or company that use digital tools for communication. It is also common for digital social life to be fully digital such as an online game where you interact with people globally who happen to be playing the same game. The following are common examples of digital social life.
Augmented reality experiences
Cooperative gameplay
Digital events
Direct messages
Discussion boards
Immersive art experiences
In-game communication
Instant messaging
Language learning apps
Massively multiplayer games
Media collaboration
Messaging apps
Mobile apps with communication features
Multiplayer gameplay
Online collaboration
Online comments
Online communities
Online competitions
Online courses
Online meetups & hangouts
Online professional networking
Social connection apps
Social media
Socializing through online avatars and characters
Software with communication features
Text chat
Text messaging
Video calls
Video sharing platforms
Virtual classrooms
Virtual reality
Virtual worlds and world building games
Voice chat
Websites with user-generated content


Digital social life includes social interactions of any type using digital tools. This includes interactions with people you know in real life and the use of digital communication by real world institutions and organizations.

Digital Social Life vs Online Social Life

Digital and online social life are nearly identical terms that mean much the same thing. All online social interactions are digital. However, not all digital interactions are online. For example, a digital immersive experience at a museum or theme park that takes place in one physical location.


Digital interactions were fairly rare before the commercialization of the internet beginning in the mid-1990s but have grown at an incredible rate to become commonplace today. It is likely that most future social interactions will be digital as virtual environments improve far faster than real world environments.
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