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28 Examples of Social Media

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Social media are digital platforms that allow individual users to publish and distribute content. This represents a dramatic shift from traditional media such as television, newspapers and radio that don't provide for audience participation at scale. The following are common examples of social media.
Blog Platforms
Business Networking
Chat Platforms
Community Content (e.g. Wikipedia)
Education Platforms (e.g. language learning communities)
Ephemeral Messaging (messages that disappear)
Group Networking (platforms for creating social groups and events)
Interest-Based Communities (e.g. fan sites)
Messenger Apps
Microblogs (e.g. Twitter)
Mixed Reality Worlds
Music Sharing
Online Games
Pervasive Games
Photo Sharing
Product Reviews
Professional Networking Platforms
Publishing Creative Works (e.g. platforms for publishing art)
Question / Answer Platforms
Service Reviews
Short-form Video Sharing
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking (e.g. Facebook)
Video Conferencing / Virtual Events
Virtual Worlds

Social Media vs Social Networking

Social media allows users to publish and/or share content with an audience. Social networking allows users to connect with other users such as friends, professional contacts or other players in a game world. Social networking is usually a type of social media because you can usually share content on these platforms.
Overview: Social Media
Digital platforms that allow individual users to publish and distribute content.
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