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10 Examples of Color Symbolism

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Color symbolism are concepts that are commonly associated with a color in a particular culture. The following are common types of color symbolism.


The color of a national flag, political party or movement.


Colors associated with a holiday such as red & green for Christmas and orange & black for Halloween.

Corporate Colors

The corporate or brand colors of a large firm may achieve widespread recognition.


Uniforms such as blue for police.


Traditions such white for bridal dresses and black for funerals.


Superstitions such as the association of the color red with luck in Chinese culture.


Team colors and school colors.


Subcultures such as the tendency for punks, goths and heavy metal fans to wear black.


The use of highly visible colors for safety. For example, red is commonly used to highlight a danger.

Color Temperature

People naturally perceive red, yellow & orange as hot and green & blue as cool. This is due to the natural elements of light, greenery and water and is considered cross-cultural.
Overview: Color Symbolism
Concepts that are commonly associated with a color or set of colors.
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