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14 Types of Cloud Color

Cloud colors are named colors inspired by cloud conditions. Clouds are bodies of liquid droplets, frozen crystals and other particles suspended in air. These tend to be highly reflective and are usually white as they reflect the white color of sunlight. At sunrise and sunset, they reflect the diverse colors produced by the scattering of white light by the atmosphere. Clouds tend to reflect any color of light that bounces off them and can even reflect light from large fires. The color of clouds is also influenced by the type of cloud and atmospheric conditions. For example, a cloud that is saturated with large water droplets or hail can appear bluish or greenish. Extremely thick cloud cover can reflect light back into space such that they can appear dark grey from below. The following are common cloud colors.
Tornado Cloud
Cloud Blue
Storm Cloud
Cloud Gray
Rain Cloud
Cloud Blue #2
Cloud Gray #3
Billowing Clouds
Cloud White #3
Cloud Gray #2
Distant Cloud
Cloud White #2
Cloud White
Winter Cloud


At night, clouds will appear black or grey due to the absence of light but can appear bright white in the presence of light such as moonlight. Snow cover and cloud cover are both reflective and can combine to make it unusually bright at night as light is efficiently reflected from ground to sky and back again.

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