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40 Shades Of Gold

Shades of gold are colors inspired by the lush, deep yellow of gold metal. As with all metallic colors, shades of gold tend to look hollow and non-reflective as solid colors on digital screens. This is because metals have optical properties such as reflectiveness that aren't reproduced by a computer screen. This can be improved by using texture images that simulate the optical properties of the metal. The following are common shades of gold.
Vegas Gold
Ancient Gold
Old Gold
Metallic gold
Harvest Gold
Dark Gold
California Gold
Golden Sand
Dark Gold #4
Dark Gold #3
Dark Gold #2
Golden Dragon
Toast Gold
Gold #5
Raw Gold
Old Gold #2
Stark Gold
Tarnished Gold
Gold #6
Fall Gold
Toffee Gold
Gold #4
Golden Confetti
Storm Gold
Gold #3
Golden Sceptre
Wheat Gold
Gold #2
Golden Honey
Posh Gold
Ticket Gold
1970s Gold
Trumpet Gold
Carmel Gold
True Gold
Syrup Gold
Sun Butter
Gold Plastic
Light Gold

Color Palettes

This is the complete list of articles we have written about color palettes.
Absinthe Green
Ash Grey
Baby Pink
Black Shadow
Blue Black
Bright Black
Candy Apple
Candy Pink
Dark Black
Deep Blue
Deep Green
Deep Red
Formal Colors
Hot Pink
Ink Black
Light Black
Metallic Black
Minimalist Colors
Near White
Obsidian Black
Off Pink
Orange Red
Oyster White
Pale Blue
Pastel Yellow
Peacock Blue
Powder Blue
Purple Blue
Reddish Brown
Rose Pink
True Red
Yellow Green
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