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What is Cosmopolitanism?

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Cosmopolitanism is the idea that people can find community at the global level. The term has long been considered elitist as historically it has often been the rich who had the opportunity to live abroad for short periods and meet people from a wide range of backgrounds. In the past century, cosmopolitan ideas have shifted into the mainstream as globalism and technology has made it more common for to interact on a global basis.


A similar term, cosmopolitan, implies that a person is familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.
Overview: Cosmopolitanism
Definition (1)
The idea that community can exist at the global level.
Definition (2)
An individual who seeks broad cultural experience in order to be comfortable beyond their own national, community, cultural and ethnic background.
Community at a the global level requires establishing mutual respect despite differences in beliefs. This is a critical skill for business, politics and generally building understanding and tolerance between nations and cultures.
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