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What is a Window Of Opportunity?

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A window of opportunity is a passing set of conditions that offer a possibility. It is a common condition of business, science, health and life in general that opportunities only present themselves for a short time. The following are common examples.


The price of a stock drops irrationally low at the end of a capitulation where it remains for a matter of minutes.


A disease or condition that is treatable until it reaches an advanced state.


A business discovers a new market and for a short time enjoys a monopoly until competition arrives.


Young children can acquire native skills in a language whereas adults may never fully master a new language.


A young engineer is given a chance to give a presentation to the executive team of a large organization.


An endangered species is close to a tipping point after which its population will be too low to save.


A penalty kick in a tied game with seconds on the clock.
Overview: Window Of Opportunity
A temporary set of conditions that make something possible.
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