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60 Examples of Local Culture

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Local culture is the shared meaning and identity that emerges in a place such as a city, town or neighborhood. This includes the norms, roles and expectations that help people to get along in a community. Local culture also includes the colorful aspects of life that give life meaning such as celebrations, cuisine and stories. The following are common examples of local culture.
Ancestral worship practices
Architectural styles
Community gatherings
Cooking methods
Cultural inclusion & exclusion
Etiquette & manners
Expressions & sayings
Fairs & carnivals
Foods & dishes
Harvest celebrations
Heritage sites
Historical buildings
Holiday traditions
Hospitality norms
Language & dialects
Local attractions
Local beverages
Local businesses of note to the culture
Local celebrities
Local construction methods
Local fashion
Local heroes
Local holidays
Local identity
Local markets
Local multicultural traditions
Local music
Local parties & celebrations
Local sports
Local symbols
Meaningful places
Murals & street art
Names of places
Natural heritage such as beaches
Norms enforcement
Play and local games
Public space
Rites of passage
Roles and expectations
Sense of place
Slang & colloquialisms
Stories & myths
Street food
Traditional dance
Traditional economy
Traditional markets
Way of life
Local culture should not be confused with national culture. It is common for a nation to have many local and regional cultures.
It is very common for local culture to be multicultural.
Local culture is primarily associated with traditional culture but can also include new elements such as youth culture. For example, a city or neighborhood that becomes the center of a music or fashion scene.
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