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75 Examples of Food Culture

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Food culture are the practices, beliefs, traditions, norms and pastimes related to the production, preparation, consumption and shared experience of food. Food is typically viewed as a central expression of cultural life with dining being an important type of social experience that buildings bonds between people. Food culture includes everything from the culture of farming to the complex etiquette of fine dining traditions. The following are common examples of food culture.
Afternoon tea
Artisanal food
Beekeeping & honey culture
Beverage pairing culture
Breakfast for dinner
Campfire cooking
Candy making
Coffee culture
Corporate dining culture
Culinary arts
Culinary culture exchange
Culinary schools
Dessert culture
Dietary subcultures
Dining manners & etiquette
Dinner theater
Ethnic food districts
Family meals
Family recipes
Farm-to-table dining
Farmers markets
Farming culture
Fast food
Festival foods
Fine dining
Fishing traditions
Fondue parties
Food & art fusion
Food criticism
Food delivery culture
Food entertainment such as celebrity chefs
Food festivals
Food media
Food parties
Food preservation culture
Food tasting parties
Food trucks
Fusion cuisine
Harvest festivals
Historical culinary culture
Holiday foods
Homemade food
Hunting traditions
Ice cream making
Local food markets
Local food movements
Low-culture food
Molecular gastronomy
Organic food culture
Outdoor dining
Pop-up restaurants
Potluck parties
Raw food culture
Regional Cuisines
Religious cuisine
Seasonal food traditions
Slow food movement
Social meals
Spice & herb culture
Street foods
Sustainable food culture
Takeout food culture
Tea ceremony
Tea culture
Traditional bakeries
Traditional feasts such as a luau
Traditional sweets
Vegetarian & vegan traditions
Wine culture
World cuisines


Cuisines are major food traditions that often correspond to the food culture of a nation or region. These include cooking styles, methods, food formats and characteristic flavors and ingredients. The following are examples of major national and regional cuisines.

Food Establishments

Food establishments such as restaurants, cafes and pubs play a central role in the food culture of nations, regions and cities. The following are common examples of food establishments.


Food culture includes the shared meaning, experiences and practices tied to food production, preparation and enjoyment. This is a major component of traditional culture. Food culture can also be new and ever changing.
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Artisanal Foods
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