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36 Examples of Lifestyle Exercise

Lifestyle exercise is physical activity that is integrated into your way of life. This can be contrasted with exercise that is viewed as a separate and dedicated activity such as going to the gym. It is common for people to quit exercise or exercise inconsistently when exercise activities aren't integrated into their lifestyle. Theoretically, lifestyle exercise may help individuals to sustain healthy levels of activity over their entire life. The following are illustrative examples of lifestyle exercise.
Chopping Wood
Commuting by Bicycle
Cottage Life
Cross-country Skiing
Cycling Most Places
Diy Projects
Food Cultivation & Preparation
Ice Skating
Jogging in Your Neighborhood
Lawn Care
Light Shopping by Bicycle
Lunchtime Walks
Maintenance & Repair
Neighborhood Activity
Park With Your Kids
Physically Demanding Profession (e.g. Construction)
Playing With Your Kids
Recess at School
School Clubs & Activities
Skiing / Snowboarding
Social Activities (e.g. Jogging Together)
Taking Stairs
Train + Walk Commute
Walking Most Places
Children need time for free play and will often be active in the outdoors with friends and classmates. As such, recess and other free play is a type of lifestyle exercise.
Regular hobbies that you often get an urge to do. For example, a woodworking enthusiast who is often on their feet working on a project.
The walkability of your neighborhood is a major factor in how often you are likely to walk.
Some nations and cities have a culture of walking and cycling places such that public space isn't solely dedicated to car infrastructure. This greatly increases lifestyle exercise.
Sports or activities that you view as part of your lifestyle such as someone who lives near a beach because they love surfing.
Physical activity is the process of moving for a period of time and isn't necessarily intense. Exercise suggests that your heart rate is elevated by an activity. For example, walking briskly may be exercise but walking at a normal pace is physical activity.


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