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7 Examples of Walkability

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Walkability is how practical and pleasant walking is in a particular area. This is related to a number of factors:

Air Quality

Smog and other air quality issues make it less healthy and pleasant to walk.


Traffic controls and separation from cars and bicycles.


A lack of street crime.

Urban Density

Dense urban neighborhoods tend to be more walkable that spread out suburban districts.

Mixed Use Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods with a wide range of services and opportunities such as education and employment. In other words, areas where it is possible to walk to work, school, shopping and activities.


The quality and width of sidewalks. For example, a tree lined boulevard may encourage walking more than a narrow path beside a busy road.


Proximity to transit links such as light rail.
Overview: Walkability
How practical and pleasant it is to walk in a neighborhood to accomplish daily tasks such as commuting to work and school.
Walking is associated with a high quality of life and reduced environmental impact.
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