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94 Examples of School Traditions

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School traditions are elements of school culture that endure over time. These include official customs, practices, programs, events and clubs that are administered or sanctioned by schools. School traditions can also include elements of student culture that emerge independently of the school administration. Traditions may give a school a unique character and provide students with shared experiences and a sense of school pride and identity. The following are illustrative examples of school traditions.
Academic awards
Art exhibits
Arts festivals
Athletic awards
Battle of the bands
Battle of the classes
Camping trips
Career fairs
Charity fundraisers & food drives
Chess club
Christmas pageant
Class colors day
Class motto
Class president
Class reunions
Class rings
Class trips
Commencement speeches
Community service events
Debate team
Dormitory wars
Drama productions
Dress-up days
Enrichment activities & school clubs
Fall festivals & harvest festivals
Field days
Freshman initiation
Freshman orientation
Freshman run
Graduation cap toss
Graduation ceremony
Graduation gowns
Halloween parade
Homecoming dance
Homecoming game
Homestay and host family program
Honor codes
Honor cords
Honor roll
Honor societies
International exchange programs
Marching band
Morning announcements
Multicultural day
Musical performances
Open house
Outdoor adventure outings
Outdoor education
Parent teacher association
Parent-teacher conferences
Pep rallies
Perfect attendance award
Playground games
Principal's list
Reading buddies
School band
School creed
School gardens
School houses
School mascot
School newspaper
School pictures
School plays
Science fair
Senior pranks
Senior skip day
Senior sunrise
Senior superlatives
Service day
Show and tell
Spelling bee
Spirit wear
Spirit week
Sports days
Sports teams and events
Student ambassador program
Student council
Student exchange programs
Student government
Study abroad program
Talent show
Teacher exchange program
Theater productions
Valedictorian speech
Valentine's Day cards
Volunteer day
Winter formal
Yearbook club & yearbooks
Yearbook signing
Anything that is a legal requirement or part of the core academic program of a school isn't considered a tradition. Tradition is culture such that it revolves around the norms, expectations and celebratory side of school life.


School traditions are practices, customs and events that are sustained over time. These include daily practices, annual events and traditions related to extracurricular activities.


School traditions are charming or meaningful elements of school life that are handed down from generation to generation within a school community.

School Culture

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