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10 Examples of Performance Objectives

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Performance objectives are targets that individuals set on a quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis. Performance objectives are often required to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound, commonly known as smart. Measurement tends to be the most difficult criteria as many things that are worth doing are difficult to directly measure. The following are illustrative examples of performance objectives.


Develop a strategy for a new benefit for loyalty card members that is accepted by stakeholders. Measurements: delivery on time, acceptance by stakeholders, increase loyalty card membership to 20% of customers within 6 months of implementation.

Project Management

Deliver the ___ project within schedule and budget. Measurement: budget variance, schedule variance, stakeholder acceptance, performance feedback from stakeholders.

Graphic Design

Deliver assigned work within committed schedule to client satisfaction. Measurement: on-time delivery of work, client satisfaction survey.

IT Operations Manager

Implement process improvements to improve uptime of core services. Measurement: availability of 99.99% for customer portal, mean-time-to-repair of less than 3 hours.


Deliver a design document for the ___ project. Measurement: on-time delivery, approval by stakeholders, feedback from lead architect.


Close sales to achieve sales quota. Measurement: monthly recurring revenue of $130,000.

Sales Manager

Manage deals to improve gross margins. Measurement: gross margins of at least 22% total for deals closed by team.

Customer Service

Deliver timely, helpful and accurate service to customers. Measurement: first contact resolution %, average customer satisfaction rating.

Human Resources

Recruit motivated and skilled candidates to support the growth of the ecommerce team. Measurement: % of positions filled, salary within range, % of new hires that pass probationary period, feedback from hiring manager.


Increase the sales of the ___ service by releasing new features that customers find compelling. Measurement: launch at least one new feature, increase new subscriptions by 7% over last quarter, product development costs within budget.
Overview: Performance Objectives
Performance targets for a period that are agreed between an employee and their manager.
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