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What is the Right To Know?

 , updated on September 26, 2016
The right to know is the legal principle that an individual has the right to information about the chemicals to which they may be exposed in their daily living. The concept has implications for employee and community rights and is often extended to include hazards beyond chemicals such as workplace safety information.

Employee Rights

In many jurisdictions, employers have a duty to inform employees of workplace hazards. They may be required to share detailed environmental information related to toxic substances in the workplace and safety information such as inspection reports and workplace injury data.

Community Rights

The right to know about chemicals in the environment such as posting pesticide use disclosures or information about industrial waste products that flow into the environment.

Consumer Rights

Detailed labeling of the chemicals in products including residuals from manufacturing and agricultural processes.
Overview: Right To Know
DefinitionThe legal principle that people have the right to know about chemicals they are exposed to in their daily living.
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