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27 Examples of Process Manufacturing

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Process manufacturing is production that deals with substances, ingredients and materials that can't be separated into parts. This can be contrasted with assembly lines that produce products from discrete parts and components. Process manufacturing is analogous to a cooking recipe whereby substances are combined and treated to produce a finished product. The following are common examples of process manufacturing.
Chemical Manufacturing
Food Production
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Beverage Production
Brewing Industry
Textile Production
Cosmetics Manufacturing
Paper Making
Metal Fabrication
Plastic Molding
Glass Manufacturing
Rubber Processing
Petrochemical Production
Paint Production
Soap Making
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Dairy Processing
Adhesive Production
Cement Manufacturing
Fertilizer Production
Sugar Refining
Ceramic Production
Wood Processing
Mineral Processing
Industrial Gas Production
Agrochemical Production


Process manufacturing produces things like chemicals, foods, beverages and materials that aren't separate units but rather continuous substances. This can be achieved with either batch or continuous manufacturing at small or large scale.


The following are common examples of process manufacturing.


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