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What is a Batch?

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A batch is a grouping of items that are processed together. The term has two primary uses:

Batch Production

Batch production is a manufacturing technique that produces a batch of products at the same time. For example, a batch of 2,400 cookies may be produced in a series of 4 steps. All cookies in the batch are moved from step to step together. At the end of the batch, equipment may be cleaned and reconfigured for a batch of bread. This contrasts with mass production that runs all steps concurrently and continuously.

Batch Processing

Batch processing is an information technology technique that processes a set of data together. For example, a bank may run a batch process after hours to settle stock trades that occurred during the day. This contrasts with real time processing that processes data as changes and events occur.
Overview: Batch
A group of items that are processed together.
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