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3 Examples of White Label

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White label is a product or service that is specifically designed and produced to be branded and marketed by third parties. The following are illustrative examples.


A firm with competitive advantages in manufacturing but no ability to promote and distribute products may specifically design products to be branded by third parties. Such products may be delivered unpackaged or in plain packaging that can be branded with a label.


In some cases, a firm with deep manufacturing and marketing capabilities will produce products for another brand, such as a store brand. In this situation, the same exact product may end up being sold side-by-side at different prices.


Software services are easily rebranded. It is common for business, infrastructure and consumer information technology to be branded by multiple marketers. For example, a brand selling cloud computing services may be a reseller with no infrastructure or technical capabilities of their own.
Overview: White Label
A product or service designed to be branded and sold by a third-party.
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