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3 Examples of a Production Run

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A production run is a quantity of units that are produced contiguously by a production line. It is common for a factory to produce one type of item until desired levels of inventory are achieved. This process of producing units for a period of time is known as a production run. The following are illustrative examples.

Batch Production

A bakery does a production run of 14 batches of cookies each morning. Each batch is 1200 cookies. When the production run is complete, machines undergo a changeover for a production run of bread.

Mass Production

A luggage company sells 1000 units of a small tote bag each month. They produce this in a production run of 10,000 units. These units then sit in inventory until they are sold. The production run of 10,000 units produces 10 months supply but only takes 4 days to complete. When the production run is completed the production line undergoes changeover for a production run of a different luggage model.

End of Production

A solar panel manufacturer that has strong demand for their products does a long production run of 10 months with 24/7 shifts. Inventory doesn't build up as demand is outstripping supply. The run ends when they decide to upgrade their products. At this point, production stops for several weeks as they change and configure machines.
Overview: Production Run
A quantity of units that are produced contiguously on a production line.
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