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4 Examples of Cycle Time

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Cycle time is the duration of a business process from start to end. This can be used as a metric to manage processes. Alternatively, it can be used to plan and improve operations such as a production line. Cycle time is defined in the context of a business or industry. The following are illustrative examples.

Production Line

The cycle time of a production line is the time from a unit starting production to finishing production. Production lines may be tuned such that there is very little variation in cycle time from one unit to the next.

Customer Service

The time from a customer's first contact to resolving and closing their issue or inquiry. This is typically highly variable and may be tracked as a mean or average.

Incident Management

The time from identifying an incident to resolving and closing it.

Product Development

The time to develop a new product from concept to launch.
Overview: Cycle Time
The duration of a business process from start to end.
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