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What is Street Fashion?

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Street fashion is a broad term for styles and fashions that originate with a subculture or individual as opposed to being driven by the fashion industry. The following are common types.


Fashion related to music subcultures such as hip hop or punk.


Embracing mainstream or subculture styles from a historical period.


Subcultures that have a rebellious or political orientation.

Pop Culture

Styles influenced by popular culture such as Japanese manga and anime.


Embracing an aesthetic such as extreme cuteness.


Expressing identity such as intelligence, cultural or social status. For example, a subculture that views itself as an intellectual or cultural elite.


Beyond subcultures, the term street fashion is associated with diy fashions that express a strong individual style without association with a brand or subculture. This category of street fashion is closely watched by market research firms in the fashion industry.
Overview: Street Fashion
Styles and fashions that originate with a subculture or individual as opposed to being defined by the fashion industry.
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