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44 Examples of Modern Media

Modern media is the media of the internet age that emerged after 1995. This has been a period of rapid change whereby the internet allows anyone to publish information to the world. Traditional media had been tightly controlled such that large investments were required to publish and distribute information via media such as books, magazines, television, radio and newspapers. The following are common examples of modern media.
3d Films / Video
3d Graphics / Computer Graphics
Augmented Reality
Cloud Storage
Digital Advertising
Digital Art
Digital Audio
Digital Audio Books
Digital Broadcasting
Digital Film / Video
Digital Magazines / Newsstands
Digital Media Archives
Digital Music
Digital Newspapers
Digital Outdoor Media
Digital Photos
Digital Television
Digital Twins
Encrypted / Secure Messaging
Ephemeral Messaging (messages that disappear with time)
Immersive Experiences / Immersive Art
Interactive Media
Live Streaming
Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Media Sharing Networks
Memory Storage Devices
Messages / Direct Messages / DM
Mixed Reality
Mobile Apps
Photo / Video / Music Production and Editing Software
Printers / 3d Printing
Social Media
Streaming Media / Film / Television
Streaming Music
Video Blogging (vlog)
Video Game Mods
Video Games
Virtual Reality
eBooks / Digital Publications


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