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95 Examples of Social History

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Social history is history as it impacts people at the level of society, community, culture and individual experience. This includes struggles, movements and advancements that impact rights, freedoms, economic and social prosperity and opportunity. The following are notable examples of the social history of the world with a particular emphasis on the United States.
Fall of the Western Roman Empire
Rise of Feudalism
Viking Raids on Britain and France
Founding of Medieval Universities in Bologna and Paris
The Crusades
The First Parliament of England
The Black Death
The Renaissance
The Printing Press
The Gutenberg Bible
The Spanish Inquisition
The Protestant Reformation
American Slavery Begins in Jamestown Virginia
The Enlightenment
Salem Witch Trials
The Industrial Revolution
American Revolution
Abolitionist Movements
Ratification of the US Constitution
The French Revolution
End of Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1808
Trail of Tears
Civil War
Emancipation Proclamation
13th Amendment Abolished Slavery
14th Amendment Grants Equal Protection Under the Law to All Citizens
15th Amendment Granted Black Men the Right to Vote
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Progressive Era of 1890s-1920s
Women's Suffrage Movement
World War I
The Russian Revolution
Roaring Twenties
19th Amendment Grants Women Right to Vote
Jazz Age
Rise of Fascism and Nazism
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Great Depression
New Deal of the 1930s
World War II
The Holocaust
GI Bill of 1944
Post WWII Baby Boom
Post WWII Decolonization in Africa and Asia
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Emergence of Rock and Roll
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Civil Rights Movement of 1960s
Counterculture of the 1960s
Cuban Missile Crisis
Assassination of President Kennedy
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Vietnam War
Anti-War Protests of 1960s
Assassination of Malcolm X
Establishment of Medicare and Medicaid
Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
American Indian Movement
Emergence of Punk Rock
Fair Housing Act of 1968
Stonewall Riots
Woodstock Festival and the Height of the Hippie Movement
Women's Liberation Movement
Rise of the Environmental Movement
Clean Air Act
Title IX Prohibits Sex-based Discrimination in Education
Watergate Scandal
Clean Water Act
Roe v. Wade
Hip-hop Movement in Music & Culture
Reagan-era and late 20th-century Conservatism
HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Americans with Disabilities Act
Collapse of the Soviet Union
End of Apartheid in South Africa
Gulf War
Rodney King Riots of 1992
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy
The End of Apartheid
Oklahoma City Bombing
Internet Age
Digital Age
Kyoto Protocol of 1997
Y2K Scare
9/11 Terrorist Attacks
War on Terror
Emergence of Social Media
Hurricane Katrina
Great Recession of 2008
Emergence of Identity Politics
Syrian Civil War Refugee and Migration Crisis
Black Lives Matter Movement
Same-sex Marriage Legalized via Obergefell v. Hodges ruling
The list above is in approximate chronological order by start date.
The Trail of Tears was the forced resettlement of Native American tribes from their ancestral homelands in the 1830s that was marked by immense suffering and loss of life.
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