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14 Examples of a Creative Consumer

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A creative consumer is a customer who uses a product or service in a way that wasn't anticipated or intended by the producer. Firms vary in their reaction to creative consumption. Some firms embrace it and actively support it as it often drives sales. Other firms see it as detrimental to their brand or intellectual property and lock down products or take legal actions. The following are illustrative examples of a creative consumer.


A customer who gives unofficial tours of a theme park.


A design known as a Liter of Light converts a plastic beverage bottle into a solar light bulb that consumes no power.


Architects who use shipping containers as a structural element.

Value Added Reselling

An artist who purchases high quality snowboards that are discounted due to unpopular designs and refurbishes them with her art.


Altering brand fashions at home such that they look more unique than ready to wear items.


Customizing the appearance or performance of cars.


Sampling music to create new music.


Using graphic designs from magazines in a collage.

Media Fandom

Fan produced media such as a music video.


Fan produced levels, characters and other modifications to video games.


Installing a new operating system on a mobile device.


Overclocking the hardware on a computing device so that it runs faster.


Using a remote control toy car for robot parts.


Ordering take out and then serving it as part of a catering service.
Overview: Creative Consumer
A customer who uses a product or service in a way that wasn't intended by the producer.
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