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70 Examples of the Entertainment Industry

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The entertainment industry is any business that generates value by providing people with something interesting to do or watch. This is associated with vibrant and thrilling experiences that are packaged for mass consumption. The following are illustrative examples.
Film Industry
Music Industry
Video Game Industry
Streaming Media
Sports Events
Sports Broadcasting
Concerts and Music Festivals
Movie Theaters and Drive-ins
Performance Theater
Broadway Shows
Dance Performances
Comedy Clubs
Theme Parks
Water Parks
Amusement Parks
Social Media
Video Sharing Platforms
Documentary Films
Film Distribution
Film Production Services
Film Crew Services
Film Festivals
Talent Agents
Animation Studios
Sound Design
Visual Effects (VFX)
Special Effects (SFX)
Computer Graphics Production
Dubbing and Voiceover Services
Scriptwriting and Screenwriting
Book Publishing
Entertainment Journalism
Cable and Satellite TV
Manga and Comic Books
Gaming Streaming Platforms
Nightclubs & Night Economy
Escape Rooms
Virtual Reality Platforms
Immersive Experiences
Cultural Events
Art Exhibitions
Tourist Attractions
Mobile Apps
Board Games
Farm Tourism
Theme Restaurants
Dinner Theater
Music Production Services
Video Game Systems & Accessories
Local Events and Experiences
Adventure Activities and Parks
Merchandise Licensing
Event Ticketing
Cosplay Events
Fashion Shows
Reality Shows
Award Shows


The motion picture industry that produces and distributes feature films and animation.


The production and performance of music and related media such as music videos.


The media industry is the communication of information and entertainment. This includes film, music, television, radio and social media. Not all media is entertainment, depending on its content.


Spectator sports and related media.


Attractions such as theme parks, amusement parks, water parks and zoos.


Cultural attractions such as art, history and science museums.

Cultural Events

Cultural events such as festivals, parades and cosplay conventions.

Performance Art

Performances such as theatre, concerts, dance performances, circuses, comedy and magic shows.

Video Games

The development, marketing and delivery of video games and other digital experiences.

Night Economy

Activities that celebrate the night such as nightclubs and karaoke.


The entertainment industry provides entertaining experiences including passive experiences such as films and active experiences such as video games. This is a large industry that is viewed as having much cultural influence.


The following are common examples of the entertainment industry. It can be noted that while the entertainment industry is consumer-facing there are a large number of businesses that provide business services to the entertainment industry in areas such as media design.


There is overlap between industries. For example, theme parks can be considered part of the travel, hospitality and entertainment industries.
Overview: Entertainment Industry
Definition (1)
Businesses that generate value by providing people with something interesting to do or watch.
Definition (2)
The production and delivery of vibrant and thrilling experiences that are easily consumed.
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