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9 Examples of Recommerce

Recommerce is a category of business model based on the reuse of products and assets. This can benefit the environment by reducing the waste produced by manufacturing a new item. It can also benefit the consumer by reducing prices or offering unique and hard-to-find items. The following are illustrative examples of recommence.

Used Goods

The sale of used goods such as secondhand clothing.

Sharing & Renting

Sharing or renting out used goods or assets. For example, a book exchange club that allows users to share their used books.

Adaptive Reuse

Renovating an old building or structure to repurpose it. For example, turning a factory into a museum as opposed to tearing it down and building something new.


Carefully disassembling a building to reuse its components and materials. This can be contrasted with demolition.


Recycling an item by creating something of greater value with it. For example, reusing a shipping container to build a house.


Recycling an item by creating something of lesser value. For example, producing bouncy floor tiles from the soles of running shoes.

Interchangeable Parts

Reusing component parts such as a bicycle tire.

Repair Cafe

A place for people to help each other repair things to extend their use.


A system of returns whereby the producer reuses products or packaging. For example, an ecommerce company with boxes that are returnable for points. This requires an efficient system of reverse logistics.
Overview: Recommerce
A category of business model based on the reuse of products and assets.
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