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3 Examples of Too Cheap To Meter

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Too cheap to meter is a term for a commodity service that is inexpensive enough to offer on a flat rate basis. The following are illustrative examples.


In many cases, water is supplied to farms without metering.


Too cheap to meter is often applied to the falling price of solar energy over time. Such prices may allow energy to be provided as a complimentary service. For example, restaurants that allow electric cars to charge for free while customers dine.


The prices of computing cycles, data storage and network bandwidth tend to fall with time. As such, technology services that were once metered may be offered on unlimited plans. For example, unlimited internet is available to consumers in many countries. Such connections are effectively limited by the type of connection but not usage.
Overview: Too Cheap To Meter
A commodity service that is inexpensive enough to offer on a flat rate basis.
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