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33 Examples of Sales Promotions

Sales promotions are incentives to purchase such as discounts or free gifts. This implies a campaign designed to boost demand that may include promotion such as advertising campaigns. This can be contrasted with clearance pricing that is motivated by a need to clear old inventory. In many cases, a business will boost inventory in order to support a sales promotion. The following are common examples of a sales promotion.
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Bundle offers
Buy more, save more
Buy one, get one free
Cashback promotions
Clearance sales
Contests and sweepstakes
Daily deals
Demographic discounts e.g. student discount
Donations to charity with every purchase
Financing offers
Flash sales
Free add ons
Free installation or setup
Free returns
Free samples
Free shipping
Free trials
Gift with purchase
Joint promotions e.g. buy something here get something free somewhere else
Limited edition products
Limited time offers
Loyalty programs e.g. buy 9 get 10th free
Mystery coupons e.g. scratch and save
Partner offers e.g. discount for using a particular payment method
Price match promise
Referral programs
Seasonal sales
Trade-in programs
Try before you buy
Some types of sales promotions aren't permitted under the law. For example, requiring a purchase to enter a contest is commonly banned. These regulations vary by country and jurisdiction.


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