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17 Examples of an Alternative Hypothesis

An alternative hypothesis is a hypothesis that there is a relationship between variables. This includes any hypothesis that predicts positive correlation, negative correlation, non-directional correlation or causation. The only hypothesis that isn't an alternative hypothesis is a null hypothesis that predicts no relationship between independent and dependent variables. The following are hypothetical examples of an alternative hypothesis.
Years of kendo experience has a positive correlation with personal resilience.
Coffee drinkers have higher average productivity than people who don't drink coffee.
Temperature influences the volume of alcohol.
Rain causes mud puddles.
There is a positive correlation between the price of silver and gold.
Beeswax can be used to waterproof shoes.
People feel happier on Fridays.
People use the internet more on Mondays than any other day of the week.
Social media use has a positive correlation with self-reported unhappiness.
Smoking has a negative correlation with health.
Income has a positive correlation with residential air quality.
Room color influences mood.
Temperature influences the strength of bamboo.
Residential noise pollution has a positive correlation with self-reported stress levels.
Low air quality has a negative correlation to health.
Bacteria growth is correlated with air temperature.
Fluid intelligence is positively correlated to career advancement and income.


The statements above are examples of hypotheses and are therefore not statements of fact.
Overview: Alternative Hypothesis
Definition (1)
A hypothesis that there is a relationship between variables.
Definition (2)
A hypothesis that there is a relationship between independent variables and dependent variables.
Opposite of
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