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48 Examples of Human Rights

Human rights are fundamental rights that are owed to all human beings. These are natural rights that are inalienable such that they can't be given up, bought or sold. Human rights include rights that are entitlements owned an individual and freedoms that limit societies role in the life of an individual. The following are illustrative examples of human rights.
Due Process of Law
Equal Access to Public Services
Equality Before The Law
Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest, Detention or Exile
Freedom from Arbitrary Attacks Upon Honor and Reputation
Freedom from Discrimination
Freedom from Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Freedom from Political Persecution
Freedom from Slavery and Servitude
Freedom from Unreasonable Search or Seizure
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Conscience & Religion
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Peaceful Assembly
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Thought
Integrity of the Person
Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness
Parental Rights
Presumption of Innocence
Principle of Legality
Right of Defence
Right to Asylum from Persecution
Right to Authorship Interests From Scientific, Literary or Artistic Works
Right to Cultural Life
Right to Education
Right to Equal Pay for Equal Work
Right to Favorable Working Conditions
Right to Form and Join Trade Unions
Right to Human Dignity
Right to Liberty
Right to Life
Right to Marry and Found a Family
Right to Own Property
Right to Parental Choice in Education
Right to Political Participation
Right to Privacy
Right to Recognition Before the Law
Right to Residence
Right to Rest and Leisure
Right to Security of Person
Right to Share in Scientific Advancements and Its Benefits
Right to Social Security
Right to Work and Free Choice of Employment
Right to a Nationality
Right to an Adequate Standard of Living
Rights of the Child
Integrity of the Person is the right to personal sovereignty whereby you are the sole controller of your body.
The Principle of Legality is that laws must be certain and unambiguous and can't be applied retroactively.


The rights above are largely based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the Constitution of United States of America.


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