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147 Examples of Human Development

Human development is the progress of a society towards improvements in the human condition including elements such as rights, freedom, opportunity and quality of life. This can be measured with a range of factors such as life expectancy, literacy rates, income levels and self-reported life satisfaction. The following are examples of things that may contribute to human development.
Access to art and culture
Access to childcare services
Access to communication tools
Access to education
Access to healthcare
Access to information
Access to justice
Access to media and ability to publish media
Adequate and affordable housing
Animal rights
Anti-corruption measures
Anti-discrimination laws
Artistic freedoms
Biodiverse natural environment
Care for the elderly
Child protection
Child welfare
Children's rights
Civic engagement
Clean air and water
Clean environment
Community engagement
Consumer protection
Corruption-free government
Crime prevention
Democratic rights
Digital literacy
Disability rights
Disaster management, rescue and relief
Early childhood education
Economic diversification
Economic growth
Elderly rights
Energy efficiency
Environmental justice
Environmental protection
Equal opportunity
Fair and effective immigration policy
Fair and effective land use policy
Fair taxation and reasonable tax burdens
Family support
Financial stability
Food security
Freedom from slavery and servitude
Freedom of assembly
Freedom of association
Freedom of belief
Freedom of expression
Freedom of movement
Freedom of speech
Freedom of the press
Freedom to choose and pursue a profession
Freedom to start a business
Gender equality
Health education
High life expectancy
High life satisfaction
Human rights
Inclusive societies that are supportive of diversity
Indigenous rights
Intellectual property rights
International cooperation
Internet access
Job Opportunities
Knowledge economy
LGBT rights
Labor rights
Laws that are perceived as fair and effective
Legal rights
Leisure time such as weekends and statutory holidays
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Low child mortality
Low poverty rates or no poverty
Low unemployment
Market access
Meaningful work
Mental health services
Migrant rights
Minority rights
Occupational health and safety
Open and transparent government
Opportunities to socialize and communicate
Pensions and retirement programs and benefits
Personal safety
Physical fitness
Plentiful electricity
Policing and the rule of law
Political participation
Political stability
Prevention of anti-competitive practices
Prisoner’s rights
Privacy rights
Protection from bullying
Public goods
Public health
Public safety and security
Public services
Public space and access to nature
Public transportation
Quality of education
Racial equality
Recreation facilities and programs
Refugee rights
Religious freedom
Religious tolerance
Responsible stewardship of resources and the environment
Reuse and recycling programs
Right of self-determination
Right to a fair trial
Right to human dignity
Right to live a cultured life
Rural development
Scientific research
Sense of community
Service economy
Social inclusion
Social security
Social support
Social welfare
Soft infrastructure
Stable prices and a lack of excessive inflation or deflation
Standard of living
Sufficient clothing
Support for addiction recovery
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable development -- economic growth doesn’t harm quality of life
Technology industries and other modern sectors of the economy
Technology infrastructure
Transportation infrastructure
Urban planning
Waste management
Wildlife and ecological conservation
Work-life balance

Quality Of Life

This is the complete list of articles we have written about quality of life.
Air Quality
City Services
Civic Engagement
Community Problems
Daily Activities
Digital Literacy
Everyday Life
GDP Per Capita
Happiness Index
Human Condition
Human Experience
Human Rights
Income Inequality
Life Expectancy
Life Experience
Life Satisfaction
Material Things
Meaningful Work
Physical Fitness
Positive Experiences
Public Goods
Public Property
Quality Time
Rural Issues
Simple Living
Social Goods
Social Outcomes
Social Rights
Social Trust
Standard Of Living
Time Poor
Work-Life Balance
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