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32 Examples of Personal Freedom

Personal freedom is the degree to which you are unbound by constraints, social systems and expectations. The basis of personal freedom are the rights and freedoms provided by a society. However, personal freedom also relates to your resources, circumstances and decisions not to enter into social responsibilities, conform to norms or follow tradition. For example, duty, position and authority create accountability such that these things all reduce personal freedom to some extent. The following are common examples of personal freedom.
Financial independence
Career autonomy
Travel freedom
Freedom of movement
Time flexibility
Freedom of speech
Freedom of expression
Freedom of association
Freedom from slavery or servitude
Right to safety and security
Creative expression
Emotional liberation
Lack of responsibility
Lack of authority and accountability
Having lifestyle choices
Disposable income
Independence of thought
Personal sovereignty
Decision-making autonomy
Lack of duty
Educational choice
Social independence
Entrepreneurial freedom
Right to start a business and participate in open markets
Right to marry and found a family
Relationship freedom
Individual rights
Privacy protection
Independence from society
Independence from social systems
Cultural autonomy
Complete personal freedom would indicate that you have accepted no role in society, community or group such that you owe others nothing. This could be quite isolating as being a person who takes on responsibility tends to make you part of things -- a person that others rely upon.
People and societies that value individualism tend to prioritize personal freedom while people and societies that value social belonging may prioritize things like roles and duty that bind you to the group.


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