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30 Examples of Digital Freedom

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Digital freedom is the right to live your life as you see fit in digital spaces. As with all rights and freedoms, this is a complex and contentious topic. This is due to the fact that one person's freedom may impact another person's rights and vice versa. As such, rights and freedoms typically have some limit designed to strike some balance between competing ethical and practical concerns. The following are common examples of digital rights and freedoms.
Right to internet access
Freedom of speech
Freedom of association
Freedom of assembly
Freedom of expression
Freedom of religion
Freedom of movement in digital spaces
Right to anonymity
Privacy rights
Defamation protection
Freedom from online harassment
Freedom of information
Pursuit of knowledge, information and research
Pursuit of happiness
Pursuit of opportunity
Net neutrality
Freedom from discrimination
Freedom from oppression
Freedom from censorship
Right to safety & security
Right to encryption
Right to political participation
Right to data liberation
Right to disconnect
Right to be forgotten
Digital property rights
Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
Freedom from surveillance
Children’s rights and protection online
Children’s privacy rights
Net neutrality relates to internet providers treating all traffic equally.
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