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42 Examples of Social Rights

Social rights are what a society owes its members. These include rights and freedoms where a right is something you are actively owed and a freedom is something you can do without obstruction. The following are common examples of social rights.
Academic Freedom
Consumer Rights (protection from unethical business practices)
Due Process of Law
Economic Freedom (right to control own labor and property)
Equality Before the Law
Freedom from Unreasonable Search or Seizure
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Conscience & Religion
Freedom of Information
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Peaceful Assembly
Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Thought
Integrity of the Person
Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness
Parental Rights
Privacy Rights
Property Rights
Right Not to be Arbitrarily Detained or Imprisoned
Right of Self-defense
Right to Affordable Housing
Right to Cultured Living
Right to Education
Right to Family Life
Right to Health
Right to Human Dignity
Right to Life
Right to Live Without Discrimination
Right to Marriage
Right to Nationality
Right to Organize
Right to Petition
Right to Play (childhood)
Right to Rest and Holiday
Right to Run for Public Office
Right to Self-Determination
Right to Social Security
Right to Vote
Right to Work Under Fair and Favorable Conditions
Right to an Adequate Standard of Living
Rights of Children
Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Principle of Progressive Realisation

The principle of progressive realization is that a state may improve rights over time as it is feasible. For example, certain entitlements may be beyond the defacto financial and infrastructure capacities of a developing nation. Even in the richest of nations, there are limits to rights based on financial realities. For example, a state that defers covering an unusually expensive medical procedure due to budget realities.


The rights above are sourced from the constitutions and similar documents of the United States, European Union, Canada and Japan. The other sources used are the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
Rights evolve overtime as society changes. For example, environmental justice is likely to be a focus of future rights. One can imagine a right to access natural spaces or a right to breath clean air.
Overview: Social Rights
What a society owes its members.
Also Known As
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Related Concepts


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