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36 Examples of the Socioeconomic Environment

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The socioeconomic environment are the external conditions that influence the standard of living, economic opportunities and development of individuals and communities. This includes social factors such as community safety or access to healthcare that can dramatically impact quality of life and the ability of people to take on opportunities. The socioeconomic environment also includes the economy as a whole such as inflation rates and the condition and structure of the local economy such as employment opportunities in a particular city. The following are common examples of the socioeconomic environment.
Access to Credit
Access to Education
Access to Healthcare
Cost of Education
Cost of Living
Crime Levels
Discrimination & Prejudice
Economic Change
Economic Problems
Educational Attainment
Educational Opportunity
Employment Opportunities
Employment Requirements
Employment Sectors
Housing Affordability
Interest Rates
Job Stability
Living Standards
Political Stability
Poverty Rates
Public Safety
Quality of Life
Salary Levels
Small Business Conditions
Social Class
Social Cohesion
Social Mobility
Social Safety Net
Social Support
Technological Change
Unemployment Rate
Working Conditions


Socioeconomic environment includes anything that impacts the economic and life opportunities of a person, community or social group. This includes conditions for job seekers, small businesses and students. Socioeconomic environment also includes cost of living and related things such as tax burden and housing affordability.
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