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6 Examples of Democratic Freedoms

A democratic freedom is a limit to government power that is necessary for a democracy to function. These compliment democratic rights such as the right to vote and run for political office as the foundations of democracy. The following are basic democratic freedoms.

Freedom of Speech

The freedom to express ideas without fear of retaliation and censorship. This primarily applies to communication that is unpopular, inconvenient or unconventional such that it is viewed as "wrong" thinking by a majority, a government, elite, institution or culture.

Freedom of the Press

The freedom to broadly communicate ideas using media.

Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

The freedom to pursue a worldview, ideology, philosophy or religion.

Freedom of Information

The right to know what the government is doing. This is necessary for informed political debate and policy.

Freedom of Assembly & Association

The freedom to form groups and meet including the right to peaceful protest.

Freedom from Arbitrary Detention

The freedom not to be arrested by the government unless they have sufficient evidence that you have broken a law and follow the rule of law and due process.
Overview: Democratic Freedoms
A limit to government power that is necessary for a democracy to function.
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