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9 Examples of Stereotypes

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A stereotype is a generalized belief about a group of people. These are typically oversimplified assumptions that can be positive, negative or neutral. Stereotypes arise from the inherent human tendency to categorize things in order to make sense of the world. However, they are also inaccurate generalizations that are unfair. The following are illustrative examples of a stereotype.

Gender Stereotypes

The stereotype that women are emotion and men are rational.

Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes

Assigning shared characteristics to people based on their ethnicity. For example, the stereotype that Asian parents push their children to study long hours.

Occupational Stereotypes

Stereotypes about a profession such as the stereotype that librarians are introverted.

Age Stereotypes

The stereotype that older people are less creative, flexible and imaginative.

Nationality Stereotypes

The belief that people from one country are polite and from another country are rude.

Cultural Stereotypes

Cultural stereotypes such as the belief that one culture is unfair because it doesn't conform to your own values and cultural norms.


Viewing people from the past as irrational and primitive because they didn't conform to your modern ideas and lifestyle.

Group Attribution Bias

Viewing members of out-groups in terms of stereotypes and members of your perceived in-group as individuals. For example, if a person from another nationality cuts in front of you in line it is because of their nationality but if someone from your nationality does the same thing it is because of their personal character flaws.


Discrimination is the unjust treatment of someone based on their identity. Stereotypes are a common source of discrimination. This can be quite subtle but cause many problems for the targets of your discrimination over the course of a lifetime. For example, avoiding people because of their identity or acting fearful of them will likely harm that person.


A stereotype is a widely held assumption about a group of people based on identity factors.
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