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64 Examples of Group Dynamics

Group dynamics are social processes and patterns of behavior that occur as groups. These processes can be shaped by culture or can be more or less universal. For example, if you have 8 people complete a task, one or more is likely to emerge as a leader of the group who dominates the discussion and organizes the work of the group. The following are common group dynamics.
Abilene paradox – a group decision that no individual member of the group believes is a good decision
Argument & debate
Bias e.g. outgroup bias
Building rapport
Civility – resolving differences within the norms and systems that apply
Conflict resolution
Consensus building
Conversation & small talk
Criticism & constructive criticism
Culture – any group that spends time together begins to form culture
Deference – showing respect and agreement with those who appear to be dominant
Devils Advocate – holding a position you don’t believe in order to stimulate debate
Dominant behavior
Empathy – sharing an emotion
Group cohesion
Group creativity – building on ideas as a group in a positive and imaginative way
Group decision-making
Group formation
Group identity – beginning to identify with a group
Group loyalty
Group support
Influencing & persuasion
Interpersonal conflict
Networking – seeking out social connections in the group
Norm conformance & non-conformance
Norm formation e.g. eating lunch together becomes the norm
Obedience to authority
Peer pressure
Politics – the process of deciding what to do as a group
Power dynamics
Reciprocity – returning kindness
Roles & responsibilities
Saving face – helping others to avoid embarrassment
Shared experience – doing things as a group
Social comparison
Social compensation – taking over the work of loafers
Social exchange
Social exclusion
Social inclusion
Social justice – groups may try to be fair
Social loafing – doing less when in a group
Social slights and insults
Social status
Task coordination
Teaching & learning
Trust building
Overview: Group Dynamics
Social processes and patterns of behavior that occur as groups.
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