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21 Examples of the Super-Ego

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The super-ego is the moral and ethical part of the psyche that seeks socially acceptable behavior. This is the culturally aware part of the mind that is largely developed by interactions with parents, role models and authority figures. The following are illustrative examples of the role of the super-ego.
Conflict avoidance
Conflict resolution
Desire to conform
Drive for perfection
Drive to be responsible
Drive to keep commitments
Ethical code
Impulse control
Internalized social norms
Internalized values
Long-term orientation
Moral compass
Respect for authority
Respect for rules
Sense of duty
Sense of shame & guilt
Standards of behavior
According to Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the super-ego works alongside the ego and the id to form the human personality. The id demands instant and universal power, the ego moderates the demands of the id to achieve things in the real world and the super-ego helps the ego to achieve this with its social, ethical and cultural awareness.
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