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40 Examples of Contradictions

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Contradictions are ideas presented together that appear to be opposites. This can feel paradoxical and illogical. Contradictions are often used to express truths in a poetic way that captures the irony, humor, strangeness, complexities and grey areas of the real world. The following are common examples of arguably contradictory phrases.
Act naturally
Alone together
Awfully good
Civil war
Cold fire
Constantly changing
Controlled chaos
Dark light
Deafening silence
Definite maybe
Deliberate mistake
Easy challenge
Endless limit
False reality
Friendly fire
Global village
Good grief
Growing smaller
Harmless danger
Historical present
Icy hot
Intense apathy
Known unknowns
Negative happiness
New classic
Open secret
Peacekeeping war
Planned spontaneity
Random order
Real illusion
Real imitation
Reliable uncertainty
Rushed leisure
Same difference
Simple complexity
Sweet sorrow
Timeless moment
True lies
Uncommonly common
Wise fool


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