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An overview of thinking with examples.

Abstract Things

An overview of abstract things with examples.

Concrete Things

The definition of concrete thing with examples.

Assumptions Examples

An overview of assumptions with examples.


A list of interesting contradictions.


An overview of different types of perspective.

Common Sense

An overview of common sense with examples.

Fluid Intelligence

An overview of fluid intelligence with examples.


The definition of rationalism with examples.

Thought Processes

A list of thinking approaches and types.

List Of Emotions

A list of common emotions.


The definition of originality with examples.

Ways Of Thinking

A list of thinking approaches and mindsets.

Practical Thinking

The definition of practical thinking with examples.

Academic Disciplines

A list of common academic disciplines.

Life Is Fair

An overview of the idea that life is fair with examples.
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New Articles

Recent posts or updates on Simplicable.
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