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What is Brownfield?

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Brownfield is a term for land that has been previously used for industrial or commercial purposes that is polluted or feared to be polluted. Such sites often require an expensive clean up and it is common for governments to require the parties responsible to pay such costs.
In many cases, brownfield sites sit unused for decades as owners, developers and governments seek to avoid the costs of a clean up. This is considered a sign of a neighborhood and city in severe decline as dilapidated buildings and unused contaminated sites are a waste of land and an eyesore that detracts from urban design.
The first step to redeveloping a brownfield site is typically a site investigation that seeks to estimate costs. For example, investigations may scan for buried waste and underground infrastructure such as pipes and tanks that may be expensive to clean up.
In many cases, brownfield sites are large and occupy attractive land in central areas or close to water. Brownfield redevelopment is often a unique opportunity to transform a neighborhood.
Overview: Brownfield
Land that is polluted or potentially polluted as the result of industrial, commercial or military uses.
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