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Urban Design vs Urban Planning

 , updated on August 31, 2023
Urban design is the creation of city features including public space, infrastructure, transport, landscapes and community facilities.
Urban planning is the planning of city structures such as policies, zones, neighborhoods, infrastructure, standards and building codes.

Urban Design vs Urban Planning

Urban design is concerned with designing individual features of a city such as a transportation system, park or element of water infrastructure. It is a creative role that designs things that improve quality of life, resilience and sustainability. Modern urban designers are typically expected to engage neighborhoods in design in the spirit of user experience.
Urban planning is strategic, technical and political in nature. It is a high level discipline that sets direction, policies and standards at the city or neighborhood level.
Urban Design vs Urban Planning
Urban Design
Urban Planning
The design of city features.
The planning of city strategies, structures and policies.
User Experience
Common Goals
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