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What is Tactical Urbanism?

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Tactical urbanism is the practice of taking quick wins to improve quality of life or the environment in a city. It is contrasted with business-as-usual urban design that may take years or decades to deliver meaningful change.
The term tactical urbanism is associated with citizen action that occurs spontaneously. However, the term can also apply to the tactical actions of urban designers, city planners and other city officials. The following are examples.

Adaptive Reuse

Adapting old buildings to new purposes. For example, a power plant that becomes offices.

Bicycle Parking

Converting parking lots near a train station into bicycle parking.

Blue Space

Opening private beaches to the public. In some jurisdictions, citizens are guaranteed access to beaches by open beach laws.


Planting an urban forest at an abandoned industrial site.

Cycle Highways

Converting a road into a cycle highway.

Clean Energy

Installing solar panels on roofs and other underutilized spaces.

Green Roofs

Giving incentives and assistance to property owners to create green roofs.

Green Walls

Planting a vertical garden on a wall.

Green Space

Converting a road into a linear park.


Remove obstructive and unappealing infrastructure such as unnecessary fencing.

Soft Engineering

Planting vegetation to prevent soil erosion.


Closing minor roads to create superblocks.


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