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4 Types of Activity Center

 , updated on April 05, 2017
An activity center is an area that attracts people for shopping, work, school, recreation and socializing. It is an urban planning term that implies a dense area with significant pedestrian traffic. The following are common examples.

Business Districts

The central business district of a city with office space, shopping, restaurants, night life, entertainment and other features such as residential buildings. In many cases, a large city has multiple business districts.


The primary commercial district of a city or town. The term downtown implies a dense environment with a variety shops, restaurants and other features.

Lively Neighborhoods

Large cities typically have dozens of lively neighborhoods that are similar to a downtown.

Mixed-used Developments

It is common for large developments to incorporate office space, residences, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, cultural facilities, public space, hotels and other features within close proximity. Such developments are typically based on a strategy of creating an activity center where people come to work, live and play.
Overview: Activity Center
TypeUrban Planning
DefinitionA dense mixed-use urban area with significant pedestrian traffic.
Related ConceptsUrban Planning
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